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Country: Sydney, Australia

Phone: (+61) 475737233


Email: alexa_biatch@yahoo.com

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Dearest Gentlemen,SO FINALLY YOU'VE FOUND ME!I consider myself a TRANSSEXUAL of a higher caliber! Who i am , what i have and how i live my life are reflections of my decisions. We can always have a choice. And it's the reason why i love to see colorful options in life. i live by quotes that explain exactly what i am going through...."I LISTEN THEN I'LL TALK""RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT""EVERYTHING CAN BE LEARNED SO DON'T CHEAT"I am the standing-out type of person. As a matter of fact I can always draw your attention towards me. That’s how strong my looks and personality is...With that being said, i am ready to satisfy all your needs. I am ACTIVE, PASSIVE or VERSATILE. I can be nice/sweet like your girlfriend or can be dominating and naughty as ur master in bed. I have this sultry face, seductive eyes, smooth silky hair, light brown skin and killer legs. i can give sensual and erotic massage, make you comfortable in anyway i can and please your requests. Name it. I've got them all. With this 7-inch thick fully functional gift that I have, i am certain you can’t say no! And yeah, with this ASIAN BEAUTY and the BODY to DIE FOR, you will have everything what you wish for...SO what else are you waiting for? Go grab your phone, call or send me a message.or email me at alexa_biatch@yahoo.com... I am so freakin ready to entertain you and give you a show or shall i say we will do the show TOGETHER......what u see is what u get! love me....TASTE ME and you will LOVE ME MORE!!!!If you are looking for the best experience than you should be able to appreciate my fees. As you know, you get what you pay for in life.Let me excite, enchant, and fulfill your dreams of being with a beautiful and "extra-special" woman of your dreams...Delicious...ENTICING....ADDICTIVE I'll See You Around,ALEXA