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Alexia Govoni


Alexia Govoni

Country: Antwerpen, Belgium

Phone: (+32) 484681396

Whatsapp: +32493522841


Abount Us

IHI EVERYBODYWelcome to my world . I like to be a dominatrix couratrice (soft hard, everything is possible ...) and I want to share exceptional moments with motivated men.I have white skin, red cherry lips and brown eyes like Snow White, I can be very active, passionately active. Softly end gentil, your slave as a passive.I can take you gently, walk all over your body and on your lips my stick of pleasure until we crack and I take you gently.My big toy will joyfully penetrate your last defenses!But it would be so good to go further together and take you like a bitch, a slave, a sow, a real bitch. On my knees on my floor, my sofa, my bed, you will be savagely choked, tied up, slapped, whipped if you bear it. The head down, the ass raised, you will have to endure my whims, you will claim deep throat, always deeper if you actually open mouth, Show me that you know how to open!And do not talk about your little well-groomed hole, you will see how I will ravage it if you deserve it, I want real dogs kneeling in front of my dart, it is said that it is 21 cm by 6 in diameter. Lead the farther in m exciting even more.Further together?My hands that please you to hold firmly can also pound you, expert of the fist, I really enjoy to make you undergo and if you want to feel bitch even more accomplished, I will be able to transform you also feminize you!Reciprocal hygiene and protection !!!Call me to explain your desires, fetiches and fantasies.I speak french, dutch, english and portuguese, I receive you in a large room dark and discreet in a nice apartment, room with air conditioning, you can shower, have a drink.I am easy to find in a quiet discreet and very charming street.Deep and sincere kissesYour (name) P.S. Some will wonder if these pictures and texts do not hide a scamI guarantee that they translate reality and my passion for the sexed.Come check, if you are disappointed, you are obviously free to leave !!