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Country: Brussels, Belgium

Phone: (+32) 483209648



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Hi guys. I am a CD - CrossDresser. I love to wear women clothes, sexy lingerie and having fun with men... I am ACTIVE and also Passive. I have a nice, clean, shaved and cut cock with the size of 20 x 7,5 (yes, it is really FAT) . I am a great COCKSUCKER, and expert in DEEPTHROAT. Love to lick the balls, love to do RIMMING (please, BE CLEAN) . I am available for some sort of fetishesh from the thematic BDSM as: Pissing, Spitting, Spanking, Mistress & Slave (you) , or Master & Slave (me) , Facesitting.Available for more EXTREM situations like: FISTING (fisting YOUR ass, not mine) . Scat (if you like it, just offer EXTRA CASH $$$ and I feed you!) .Also available for couples of M + W where the woman is just into watching or to penetrate husband or / and me with dildo / strapon.Dont hesitate to contact me. I am available to travel with you or to visit you, in Europe (including Russia) . I am a very discreet so you can bring me with you without no one imagine who I become when in the room is just you and me!!!I SPEAK ENGLISH and RUSSIAN.