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Country: Brussels, Belgium

Phone: (+32) 0483362925



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You have all heard this before, BUT just to keep you at ease, I want you, the wonderful client to know, what you and I would be getting up in your time with me!I offer a 100% discreet service. My locations are all private and discreet and all in good easy locations. What we do together will not be told or sold to a 3rd party. THIS IS YOUR FANTASY and i want to keep this fantasy a dirty little secret only you and I know about.. When we meet, I always like to dress sexy, nice feminine lingries, nice make up with my natural long hair nice a loose ready for you to put your hand through. As for the bed room department, this is down to you! I know you have been looking and 'shopping' around for that perfect TS girl and fantasising about your time together! Well lets live that moment out.. We can kiss, we can Fuck, i am totally vers, so that means, i can fuck you, or you can fuck me! I LOVE ORAL.. We can blow each other away! we can do anything.. THIS IS YOUR TIME AND YOUR MOMENT.. I want you to leave me 200% satisfied.. I want you to be wanking for weeks over me.. I want to be in your dreams for years to come!! MARRIED COUPLES ARE WELCOMEDTs Agatha xXx