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Trish Mendoza


Trish Mendoza

Country: Melbourne, Australia

Phone: (+61) 0404182766



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My name is Trish, your professional transexual escort. You may be looking for someone like me who has the right curves from the bottom to the top and whom you can be comfortable with. Life is short so invest in your happiness. Who says that sucking a lady cock makes you gay or bi? Don’t let anyone ruin your orgasm? Own it honey! Own it! You don’t have to label yourself and suffer from unnecessary anxiety. Just enjoy the ride.First timers are welcome. You will be surprised that discovering the best kept secrets of a transexual encounter is just a walk in a park. So what are you waiting for? Please call me on 0404 182 766 now. Your orgasm is my business!MY SERVICESI have a meaty surprise for you. When the session begins there will be no more sweeter innocence that our own naughtiness because this thing that you ever fantasise about slowly grows in your mouth. Yes I will put my cock where your mouth is indeed :0) Passive Service - mutual oral and one way anal to youActive service - mutual oral and anal both ways.Massage is optional.BDSM ServicesDo you wanna be my slut slave? I can take you to church where you can worship my body at the shrine of your lust and where I can take over your own sanctuary. You will think that you are born sick but you’ll love it because I can command you to be well and you can take this Mistress on your side. Then you know that to be deviant is to be human.My BDSM services range from erotic to physical domination such as dirty talking, dress ups, role playing, movement restrictions, floggings, golden shower, voyeurism etc.